What is SnapBits?

SnapBits is a free service that may be used to securely store, search, sort and easily retrieve “Bits” of information. These “Bits” may be anything you wish to remember or keep a note of. You may store as many as you like and unlike conventional paper notes, you will never lose or fail to find your information.


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SnapBits Features!

With a SnapBits account you will have the ability to conveniently store text notes, phone numbers, passwords, personal information, source code and any reminder you may require at a later stage. You may even have your “Bits” sent to your SnapBits account via email! Best of all, it is absolutely free.

Is it Safe?

Yes, the primary concern of SnapBits is the security of data you submit to us. We offer a secure layer for communication with our servers (SSL), the link for which is at the bottom of the login and registration boxes, or alternatively you can connect with the url https://www.snapbits.com (the extra 's' is for the secure line).

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